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The get me there app lets you buy selected tickets and travelcards for Greater Manchester’s Metrolink tram system anytime, anywhere, without the need to queue at a ticket machine. You can choose from a range of tickets and travelcards that either let you travel between two specified stops or anywhere on the Metrolink network. Make your purchase and download it to your phone before you board the tram and then all you need to do is display your ticket or travelcard on your phone if asked to do so by a member of Metrolink staff.
The get me there app also lets you store your payment details securely, so there’s no need to enter them every time you make a purchase. And if you make the same journey regularly, the app will store your last purchase so you can easily buy it again.
Use the get me there app to:
• Buy Metrolink tickets or travelcards using credit/debit cards • Track active, purchased and expired tickets or travelcards• Manage your account and set payment preferences• Get in contact with get me there Customer Services
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Please note that to travel on Metrolink you need to have a valid ticket or travelcard, or you could be liable for a standard fare of up to £100. If you are using the get me there app, make sure your phone has enough battery to display your ticket or travelcard for the duration of your journey.